Cichlid Power!

By O'Leary, Rachel

Amazonas (English), v. 4(n. 4), pp. 8-15 (Jul-2015)

" It is sometimes said that cichlid keepers live out on the edges of fanaticism, often energized by traces of excess testosterone, proudly proclaiming themselves to be "Cichlaholics" or "Cichlidiots": Real Guys Keeping Real Fish. It is absolutely true that males outnumber females in the North American cichlid hobby, but one of its ever-present voices happens to be that of Pam Chin, a feminine, red-headed dynamo who has been coming right at the world for the past 20 years with one motto: "Cichlid Power!" "

Classification: Captive maintenance.

Language: English

O'Leary, Rachel. 2015. "Cichlid Power!". Amazonas (English). v. 4(n. 4), pp. 8-15 (crc06821) (abstract)