Malawi Peacocks: Aulonocara

Von Konings, Ad

Cichlid Press, pp. Apple I-pad App (2012). ISBN: 078-1932892-10-9

" Apple I-pad App. Malawi Peacocks presents an interactive way to enjoy your favorite cichlids in their natural habitat. The information, written by Ad Konings, is illustrated by more than 300 photos and 7 videos taken in Lake Malawi. Interactive slideshows and pull-out maps give a complete picture of these colorful and fascinating cichlids "

Klassifizierung: Artenübersicht, See Malawi.

Sprache: English

Konings, Ad. 2012. "Malawi Peacocks: Aulonocara". Cichlid Press. pp. Apple I-pad App (crc06927) (Kurzfassung)