Review of Tanganyika Magazyn N. 18 (May-2016)

By Smith, Mark

The Cichlid Room Companion, 15-Jul-2016

" Tanganika Magazyn is a spectacular publication devoted to all things found living in the aquatic environs of Lake Tanganyika. It is produced out of Poland by Mr. and Mrs. Mierzenska and is published in both English and Polish. This latest issue, #18 was published in May 2016 and is dominant on Tropheus coverage, with three large and comprehensive articles on various Tropheus species/variants by the Karlsson brothers. Two other articles, one by John Buckland of African Cichlids Aquaculture LTD, and another by Marta Mierzenska, round out this robust issue comprising a full 130 pages in full color "

Classification: Publications.

Language: English

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Review of Tanganyika Magazyn N. 18 (May-2016)

Smith, Mark. 2016. "Review of Tanganyika Magazyn N. 18 (May-2016)". The Cichlid Room Companion (crc07390) (abstract)