Why Can’t 'They' …

By Lewis, Rosemary

Buntbarsche Bulletin, (n. 60), pp. 16-18 (01-May-1977)

" The following is excerpted from a letter to David Handler in New York from Rosemary Lewis. Mr Handler’s question, which appeared in BB55, concerned the proper identity of the fish sold as ''Ps. kenyi''. The problems and confusion are not confined to this one species. For the hobbyist who feels that the scientists, dealers, importers, and aquarium writers should finally make up their minds on the names of fish, it’s not that simple. Rosemary explains some of the reasons why names are not to be used too freely until we’re sure․ "

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny.

Language: English

Publication where the reference appears

Buntbarsche Bulletin (n. 60)

Lewis, Rosemary. 1977. "Why Can’t 'They' …". Buntbarsche Bulletin. (n. 60), pp. 16-18 (crc08870) (abstract)