How are cichlids named?

Por Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel

The Cichlid Room Companion, (24-abr.-2019)

" How should we call cichlid species? Should we use common or binomial names? If we consider animals like mammals, it is common to talk about them using their common name, the same applies to birds, even die-hard birders regularly use the bird’s common name and just the most devoted of them, like scientist, refer them by their binomial name. But then when you talk about plants, let’s say cactus and succulents, it is common that even beginners refer them by binomial names. But what about cichlids? "

Clasificación: Taxonomía y filogénia.

Idioma: English

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How are cichlids named?

Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel. 2019. "How are cichlids named?". The Cichlid Room Companion (crc09322) (resumen)