Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat (2nd edition)
Cichlid Room Companion

Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat (2nd edition)

Habitat, behavior in the wild and maintenance
Author: Konings, Ad, 1995
ISBN: 978-0966825534

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 27-May-1996.

A newly revised edition of the well known book on Malawi Cichlids gets well over it's already fantastic antecesor. With more than 1,000 excellent pictures (Most never published before) of Cichlids in their natural habitat in Lake Malawi, Ad has pictured over 600 species living in the lake, and that includes those species before unavailable coming from Tanzania and Mozambique. To improve comprehension of the content, many excellent maps and illustrations, as well as a separate big map of lake Malawi, are also part of this book.

Ad required a big knowledge of the fish and lake Malawi, many trips to Africa, hundreds of hours of diving and observing the lake fauna, to be able to gather this wealth of information not likely to be obtained elsewhere.


The second edition of the best guide to Lake Malawi cichlids.


Introduction 7
The lake 8
The Cichlids, a species flock 10
Malawian Cichlid taxonomy 22
The wave-washed upper rocky habitat 25
The sediment free rocky habitat 46
The sediment rich rocky habitat 116
The intermediate habitat 145
The shallow intermediate habitat 212
Shallow sediment-rich bays 220
The sandy habitat 241
The open water 306
References 345
Index 348


Size 20 x 27.5 cm 352 full color glossy pages.