The Cichlids Yearbook, Volume 5
Cichlid Room Companion

The Cichlids Yearbook, Volume 5

A Yearly Update on the Cichlid World
Author: Konings, Ad, 1995
ISBN: 3-928457-25-X

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 23-Jun-1996.

The fifth of this anual series, intended to be and update on the newest cichlid information available, includes in 96 pages information about the biology, taxonomy, evolution, aquarium keeping and more on cichlids around the globe.

Photographs are mostly underwater and top quality. The book is presented as a collection of articles by several authors.


Tanganyikan cichlids:

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "Fairytale cichlids of the genus Cyathopharynx"; pp. 6-9.

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "The Thropheus of southern Tanzania"; pp. 10-17.

  • Herrmann, Hans-Joachim; 1995; "Breeding in Lamprologus meleagris"; pp. 18-19.

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "Neolamprologus meeli, an interesting shell-brooder"; pp. 20-21.

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "Mouths full of fry: breeding Plecodus paradoxus"; pp. 22-23.

  • Veall, Toby; 1995; "Xanthism in Tropheus moorii"; pp. 24-25.

Malawian cichlids:

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "A review of the sand-dwelling species of the genus Aulonocara , with the description of three new species"; pp. 26-36.

  • Baasch, Peter; 1995; "The "Spilostichus Type" "; pp. 37-39.

  • Lepel, Thomas; 1995; "The perl of Tanzania"; pp. 40-41.

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "Remarkable observations on the red zebra"; pp. 42-47.

Other African Cichlids:

  • Snoeks, Jos; 1995; "Polychromatism in Lake Kivu haplochromines: two for the price of onequot;; pp. 48-53.

  • Smith, Mark; 1995; "Cichlids from Lake Edward and Lake George"; pp. 56-62.

Central American cichlids

  • Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel; 1995; "Thorichthys meeki, the firemouth, in the wild"; pp. 63-67.

  • Heijns, Willem; 1995; "The Champot√≥n firemouth"; p. 68-69.

  • Szot, Mark; 1995; "Nandopsis beani (Jordan, 1888)"; pp. 70-71.

  • Socolof, Ross; 1995; "In Quest of the Golden Mojarra"; pp. 72-76.

South American cichlids

  • Mazeroll, Anthony Inder & Weiss, Marc; 1995; "The state of confusion in Discus taxonomy"; pp. 77-83.

  • de Greef, Jaap-Jan; 1995; "Old wives of Surinam: Guianacara owroewefi"; pp. 84-86.

  • Warzel, Frank; 1995; "Crenicichla acutirostris G√ľnther, 1862: Observations in the natural habitat and in the aquarium"; pp. 87-89.

  • Warzel, Frank; 1995; "Observations on Crenicichla sp. aff. jegui"; pp. 90-91.

Cichlid literatim

  • Geerts, Martin; 1995; "Malawi cichlids: a different perspective"; 92-95.

  • Konings, Ad; 1995; "Cichlid organisations worldwide"; p. 96.