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Investigations Of The Ichthyofauna Of Nicaraguan Lakes

A Monumental Work on Nicaraguan fishes
Author: , 1996
ISBN: US LC 75-27341
Investigations Of The Ichthyofauna Of Nicaraguan Lakes

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 24-Jun-1996.

A monumental work on Nicaraguan fishes, and certainly a MUST for any serious interested in the Central American fish fauna. It is comprised by a collection of scientific papers organized in several sections. Of relevance in the cichlid section are those papers by Ph.D. George Barlow on 'Cichlasoma' citrinellum complex of species, with very interesting papers on their behavior.

The books contains hundreds of references, as well as numerous charts, maps, tables and photographs. Some of the articles are written in Spanish.


  • Contents

  • Dedication, iii

  • Commentary, Carl L. Hubbs, iv

  • Preface, v

  • Acknowledgments, vi

  • Contributors, vii


  1. Geography of Lake Nicaragua, Jaime Incer, 3

  2. Limnology of the Great Lakes of Nicaragua, Gerald A. Cole, 9

  3. Chemical Analyses of some Crater Lakes in Relation to Adjacent Lake Nicaragua, George W. Barlow, Jeffrey R. Baylis and Dale Roberts, 17

  4. Some Remarks on the Fecundity of Tilapia (T. mossambica Peters) and its Introduction into Middle Central America (Nicaragua) together with a first Contribution towards the Limnology of Nicaragua, Dietmar Riedel, 21*

  5. Bottom Sediments of Lake Nicaragua and Lake Managua, Western Nicaragua, Frederick M. Smain, 53*

  6. Die Genesis der nicaraguensischen Grabenseen (Teil I) und des mesoamerikanischen Isthmus (Teil II) aus der Sicht des Fischereibiologen, Dietmar Riedel, 73*


  8. Ichthyology of the Lakes of Nicaragua: Historical Perspective, Jaime Villa, 101


  10. Derivation of the Freshwater Fish Fauna of Central America, George S. Myers, 117*

  11. Geographical Distribution of Central American Freshwater Fishes, Robert Rush Miller, 125*

  12. Geographic Distribution of the San Juan Ichthyofauna of Central America with Remarks on its Origin and Ecology, William A. Bussing, 157

  13. Una TeorĂ­a sobre el Origen de los Peces de Xiloa, Jaime Villa, 177*

  14. Some Speculations about "The Great Nicaraguan Lake", Jaime Villa, 191


  16. Peces de la Cuenca de los Grandes Lagos de Nicaragua, Ignacio Astorqui, 199*

  17. Digenea of Fishes from Lake Nicaragua, Donald E. Watson, 251

  18. Lake Nicaragua Fishery Resources, William D. Davies, 261

  19. Informe sobre los Resultados del Programa de Investigacion de los Recursos Pesqueros del Lago de Nicaragua, Instituto de Fomento Nacional (INFONAC), 267*

  20. An Investigation into the Use of Artificial Habitats as a Means of Increasing the Fishery Productivity of the Great Lakes Complex of Nicaragua, Terrance M. Lim, Kenneth R. McKaye and Douglas J. Weiland, 311

  21. Species Diversity and Distribution of Fish in Lake Nicaragua, Kurt W. Koenig, Richard J. Beatty and Sergio Martinez , 391

  22. Length/Weight Frequencies for Five Species of Fish in Lake Nicaragua, Richard J. Beatty and Eurt W. Koenig, 525

  23. La "Pepesca Gaspar", otro pez desconocido del Gran Lago, Jaime Villa, 327*


  25. The Midas Cichlid in Nicaragua, George W. Barlow, 333

  26. The Red Devil - Midas - Arrow Cichlid Species Complex in Nicaragua, George W. Barlow and John W. Munsey, 359

  27. Relative Abundance and Distribution of the Mojarra (Cichlasoma citrinellum) in Lake Nicaragua, Sergio Martinez , 371

  28. Systematic Status of the Cichlid Fishes Cichlasoma dorsatum, C. granadense and C. nigritum Meek, Jaime Villa, 375

  29. Presence of the Cichlid Fish Cichlasoma managuense Gunther in Lake Xiloa, Nicaragua, Jaime Villa, 385*

  30. Variacion, Coloracion y Estado Sistematico del Pez Centroamericano Cichlasoma nicaraguense (familia Cichlidae), Myrna I. Lopez, 587*

  31. Pigments of a Color Polymorphism in a Cichlid Fish, Robert Webber, George W. Barlow and Alan H. Brush, 407*

  32. Cross-fostering and Parent-offspring Responses in Cichlasoma citrinellum (Pisces, Cichlidae), David L. G. Noakes and George IV. Barlow, 417*

  33. Ontogeny of Parent-contacting in Young Cichlasoma citrinellum (Pisces, Cichlidae), David L. G. Noakes and George W. Barlov, 423*

  34. Parental Behavior and some Histological Features of Scales in Cichlasoma citrinellum (Pisces, Cichlidae), David L. G. Noakes, 459*

  35. Competition between Color Morphs of the Polychromatic Midas Cichlid Cichlasoma citrinellum, George W. Barloxu, 463*

  36. Competition between Color Morphs of the Midas Cichlid, Cichlasoma citrinellum, in Lake Jiloa, Nicaragua, Kenneth R. McKaye and George W. Barlow,465

  37. M. The Behavior and Ecology of Herotilapia multispinosa (Teleostei, Cichlidae), Jeffrey R. Baylis, 477*


  39. Carcharhinus nicaraguensis, a synonym of the Bull Shark, C. leucas, Henry B. Bigelow and William C. Schroeder, 511*

  40. The Status of the Freshwater Shark of Lake Nicaragua, Thomas B. Thorson, Donald E. Watson and C. Michael Coxuan, 513*

  41. Movement of Bull Sharks, Carcharhinus leucas, between Caribbean Sea and Lake Nicaragua Demonstrated by Tagging, Thomas B. Thorson, 531*

  42. An Investigation of the Feeding Habits of the Bull Shark, Carcharhinus leucas, in the Lake Nicaragua - Rio San Juan System, Robert E. Tuma, 33

  43. Reproduction of the Bull Shark, Carcharhinns leucas, in the Lake Nicaragua - Rio San Juan System, Norman H. Jensen, 5p9

  44. The Status of the Lake Nicaragua Shark: An Updated Appraisal, Thomas B. Thorson, 561

  45. Calcium and other Ions in Blood and Skeleton of Nicaraguan Fresh-water Shark, Marshall R. Urist, 575*

  46. Partitioning of Body Fluids in the Lake Nicaragua Shark and Three Marine Sharks, Thomas B. Thorson, 577*

  47. Hemoglobin Stability in Bull Sharks, Jack D. Burke, 579*

  48. Serum Protein Variation in the Bull Shark, Carcharhinns leucas Muller and Henle, 1841, C. Michael Cowan, 595*

  49. Comparison of some Parameters of Serum and Uterine Fluid of Pregnant, Viviparous Sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) and Serum of their Near-term Young, Thomas B. Thorson and Jeffe~ W. Gerst, 591*

  50. Body Fluid Solutes of Juveniles and Adults of the Euryhaline Bull Shark Carcharhinus leucas from Freshwater and Saline Environments, Thomas B. Thorson, C. Michael Cowan and Donald E. Watson, 599*

  51. Rectal Glands of Marine and Fresh-water Sharks: Comparative Histology, Mikio Oguri, 615*

  52. Studio Istochimico Comparato della Ghiandola Digitiforme Rettale di Selaci Marini e di Acqua Dolce, Giuseppe Gerzeli and Gian Franco De Stefano, 615

  53. Aspetti della Ghiandola Rettale e della Regolazione Osmotica in Selaci Marini e d'Acqua Dolce, Giuseppe Gerzeli, Maria Victoria Gervaso and Gian Franco De Stefano, 617

  54. The Rectal Gland in Relation to the Osmoregulatory Mechanisms of Marine and Freshwater Elasmobranchs, Giuseppe Gerzeli, Gian Franco De Stefano, Lorenzo Bolognani, Kurt W. Koenig, Maria Victoria Gervaso and Maria Fausta Omodeo - Sale, 619

  55. Helminths from Klasmobranchs in Central American Fresh Waters, Donald E. Watson and Thomas B. Thorson, 629

  56. Observations on the Reproduction of the Sawfish, Pristis perotteti, in Lake Nicaragua, with Recommendations for its Conservation, Thomas B. Thorson, 641

  57. M. Sexual Dimorphism in Number of Rostral Teeth of the Sawfish, Pristis perotteti Muller and Henle, 1841, Thomas B. Thorson, 651*

  58. Index of Scientific Names, 655*

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