Cichlids of North & Central America
Cichlid Room Companion

Cichlids of North & Central America

A large format book on Central American Cichlids
Author: Conkel, Donald, 1993

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 02-Jul-1996.

A work on Central American cichlids. This large format book (26x35 cm. - 10"1/8x14 in), contains in a fantastic printing job many large format pictures of Central American cichlids, many of them excellent. It includes many pictures of habitats of those cichlids covered, as well as several distribution maps. Those maps, however, rather than include the whole range of the species, point collecting points, a reasonable approach, Maps are rough in their draw and lack plenty of detail.

Unusual species and variants are showed in the book, like those fantastic gold friedrichsthalii on page 118-119. Pictures are nice, taken in aquarium, most of them by the author and some others by acknowledged photographers like Hans Joachin Ritcher, Willem Heijns, Rainer Stawikowski and some others. A couple of misidentifications are found however.


Preface, 9
Introduction, 11
Evolution and Distribution, 15
Classification and Ecological Habitats, 65
Physical Structure, Feeding Habits and Environmental Relationship, 70
Reproductive Behavior in Nature, 72
Aquarium Management, 75
Holding, Shipping and Acclimatization Techniques, 79
Systematic Write-ups of the Subgenera of Cichlasoma, 83

Amphilophus, 83
Archocentrus, 96
Herichthys, 105
Nandopsis, 114
Theraps, 136
Thorichthys, 171

Other North and Central American Cichlids, 181

Aequidens, 181
Geophagus, 182
Herotilapia, 183
Neetroplus, 184
Paraneetroplus, 185
Petenia, 186

Bibliography, 187
Index, 189