Malawian cichlid fishes. The Classification of some Haplochromine genera
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Malawian cichlid fishes. The Classification of some Haplochromine genera

The Classification of Some Haplochromine Genera
Author: Eccles, David H. & E. Trewavas, 1989

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 05-May-1997.

This classic taxonomical work by David H. Eccles and Ethelwynn Trewawas is a jewel to have for those seriously interested in Malawian cichlids. This book contains scientific descriptions for 23 new genus of Malawian haplochromines, as well as copies of the full descriptions for the species in those genus. Yet the edition of the book was just limited to 1000 copies.

Illustrations and black and white photographs are included for the species and a key of identification given. The book also contains a brief history of collecting in Lake Malawi and an outline of the environmental conditions in the major areas where collections have been made.


Acknowledgments, 7
Introduction, 8
The Lake, 12
Abbreviations and methods, 19
The classification of the Malawian haplochromines, 21
The relationships of the Malawian haplochromines, 27
Key to the genera of Lake Malawi haplochromines except Mbuna, 31
Protomelas gen. nov., 40
Hemitaeniochromis gen. nov., 71
Taeniochromis gen. nov., 73
Nyassachromis gen. nov., 75
Dimidiochromis gen. nov., 88
Tyrannochromis gen. nov., 97
Cheilochromis gen. nov., 104
Chilotilapia Boulenger, 106
Placidochromis gen. nov., 108
Lethrinops Regan, 120
Aulonocara Regan, 138
Alticorpus Stauffer & McKaye, 151
Otopharynx Regan, 154
Stigmatochromis gen. nov., 173
Ctenopharynx gen. nov., 180
Exochochromis gen. nov., 186
Trematocranus Trewavas, 1 88
Hemitilapia Boulenger, 195
Naevochromis gen. nov., 197
Cyrtocara Boulenger, 199
Maravichromis gen. nov., 203
Platygnathochromis gen. nov., 228
Sciaenochromis gen. nov., 231
Buccochromis gen. nov., 236
Champsochromis Boulenger, 250
Lichnochromis Trewavas, 255
Trarnitichromis gen. nov., 256
Taeniolethrinops gen. nov., 261
Aristochromis Trewavas, 264
Caprichrornis gen. nov., 265
Diplotaxodon Trewavas, 268
Docimodus Boulenger, 270
Corematodus Boulenger, 272
Fossorochromis gen. nov., 275
Eclectochromis gen. nov., 277
Nimbochromis gen. nov., 282
Copadichromis gen. nov., 294
Index, 329