Enjoying Cichlids
Cichlid Room Companion

Enjoying Cichlids

A practical guide for keeping cichlids
Author: Konings, Ad, 1993

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A book where experts explain their skills and how their succeed in cichlid keeping and breeding, they all speak just about their area of expertise. There are guides on the aquarium, water, filtration, food and feeding, live foods, breeding, some common diseases as well specific handling for cichlids coming from lakes Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria, as well as Madagascar, other parts of Africa, Central American, South America, there are also discussions on dwarf cichlids, Angelfish, Discus, Crenicichla and Asian cichlids. A brief biography on the author's is given. The book is full of color photographs of cichlids (Over 180) most of them in their natural habitat, there are also photographs of habitats and other cichlid topics. Charts are given explaining differences among different topics related to cichlids species.


Introduction, 7
The aquarium, 8
The water, 19
Filtration, 25
Food and feeding, 34
Live foods, 38
Breeding, 51
Two common diseases, 55
Treating cichlids, 59
Some examples, 63
Tanganyika cichlids, 64
Malawi cichlids, 108
Victorian cichlids, 136
Madagascan cichlids, 154
Other African cichlids, 159
Central American cichlids, 172
South American cichlids, large cichlids, 188
South American dwarf cichlids, 207
Angelfishes, 217
Discus, 219
The Crenicichla group, 222
Asian cichlids, 234
References, 237
Index, 238
About the authors, 240


240 glossy paper pages.