The Cichlid Aquarium
Cichlid Room Companion

The Cichlid Aquarium

A comprehesive study of the family Cichlidae
Author: Loiselle, Paul V, 1987
ISBN: 3923880200

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 27-May-1996.

A detailed explanation of the biology aspects of the family Cichlidae, Loiselle's book gives a good insight on several aspects as to how better to keep successfully cichlids, distributed in ten chapters about.

The book includes hundreds of color photographs and several charts and drawings to help in getting a better understanding of the treated topics.

A new edition of this book (1995), adds the treatment of 25 new species as well as 207 new color photograph.


What is a cichlid; distribution and evolutionary history.
Cichlids as aquarium residents; their behavior against other fish and plants and how can the environment be manipulated.
Setting up the cichlid aquarium; tank and suitable equipment.
Furnishing the cichlid aquarium; substratum, plants, rockwork, driftwood, artificial shelters, other residents, dither fish, target fish, scavengers.
Maintaining the cichlid aquarium; feeding, nitrogen cycle, chloramine, gas embolism, water chemistry.
Troubleshooting the cichlid aquarium; observing them, pollution induced trauma, physical injuries, selected diseases, as well as the treatment.
Breeding cichlids under aquarium conditions; pair formation, techniques for monogamous, postspairing management of pairs and fry, techniques for polygamous.
A catalog of residents for the cichlid aquarium; old world cichlids and
new world cichlids, covering all groups.
Ways to learn more about cichlids.