Lake Tanganyika Cichlids (2nd Edition)
Cichlid Room Companion

Lake Tanganyika Cichlids (2nd Edition)

A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Author: Smith, Mark, 2007

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 22-Nov-2007.

Here is a wonderful guide by an acknowledged expert on how to start keeping and being successfully Lake Tanganyika cichlids. Brief as it may be, the book covers every aspect of setting up and keeping a Tanganyikan cichlid tank. Besides this, a large selection of cichlids in all groups of species in Tanganyikan in given with a good quality color picture, as well as information about their maximum size, distribution, husbandry and breeding. This part I particularly enjoy as it provides the information to start right my a favorite species. A valuable guide to start right with Tanganyikan cichlids.


Introduction, 5
Setting Up Your Aquarium, 13
Maintaining the Aquarium, 23
Spawning Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids, 29
Representative Selection Of Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids, 37
Glossary, 92
Information, 93
Index, 94


166 x 200 mm. 96 pages illustrated in full color.