Cichlid Room Companion


Back to Nature Guide to Tanganyikan Cichlids (2nd edition)

A revised and expanded second edition covering all basics for successfully keeping Tanganyikan cichlids
Autor: Konings, Ad, 2005
Back to Nature Guide to Tanganyikan Cichlids (2nd edition)

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Tanganyika cichlids are the most interesting aquarium fishes known today. More than any other group of aquarium fishes, they have evoked great passion among hobbyists. They provide aquarists with a combination of attractive fishes, interesting behavior, and easy maintenance. In order to enjoy your Tanganyika cichlid aquarium to the full, however, it is essential to take their specific maintenance requirements into account. This new guide provides expert advice on all the elements of proper maintenance, such as choice of aquarium (with details of the minimum size and capacity required for each species discussed), creating the correct water conditions, providing appropriate decor, feeding, breeding, common diseases, etc.

This book is a revised and greatly expanded version of the Tanganyika cichlids guide published in this series in 1996. It contains several new chapters and the number of photos has doubled to about 600. This guide provides an overview of all the species that have become available to the hobby and comprehensive information on how to keep them in the best possible way. Two detailed foldout maps and the numerous outstanding photos make this guide indispensable for anyone interested in these exciting fishes.


192 pages, 600 color photos, hardcover, and size: 7" x 9.5" (17.5 x 24.5 cm).