The Cichlid Fishes of the Great Lakes of Africa
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The Cichlid Fishes of the Great Lakes of Africa

All 835 species of Malawi cichlids photographed in their natural habitat and presented in the new 4th edition of a classic book
Author: Fryer, Geoffrey & T.D. Iles, 1972

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This fourth, completely revised edition of the definitive study of Lake Malawi cichlids discusses and illustrates more species (843 species of which 822 are shown in photos) than any previous publication. Basing his study on more than 1500 hours of underwater observations all over the lake (36 expeditions), the author characterizes the species by their habitat preference, distribution, and coloration. More than 1750 excellent photographs — many never published before — illustrate the cichlid fauna of the entire lake. Almost all of these photographs were taken in the lake and show the fishes in their natural habitat.


Introduction, 5
The lake, 8
The cichlids, a species flock, 13
Malawian cichlid taxonomy, 24
The wave-washed upper rocky habitat, 28
The sediment-free rocky habitat, 48
The deep, sediment-rich rocky habitat, 129
The intermediate habitat, 172
The shallow intermediate habitat, 264
Shallow sediment-rich bays, 280
The sandy habitat, 305
The unknown depths, 388
References, 412
Index 416


The book is a large edition (8" x 11") composing 424 pages.