Malawi Peacocks: Aulonocara
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Malawi Peacocks: Aulonocara

Covers every Malawi Peacock (Aulonocara species) including location variants in great detail.
Author: Konings, Ad, 2012
ISBN: 078-1932892-10-9

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by Pam Chin, 01-Jun-2012.

Check out Koningsā€™s new book on the genus Aulonocara from Lake Malawi. Produced by Cichlid Press it is everything you want to know about peacocks and more. It is filled with amazing pictures of Lake Malawi and all of the known Aulonocara. The book is broken into several chapters that cover the lake itself, how these cichlids feed, and their breeding strategies. Next he divides the Aulonocara into the following types: jacobfreibergi, stuartgranti, chintande, maylandi, and []saulosi, and includes sand-dwelling and deepwater Aulonocara.

Each species is discussed in depth, with a short history of the taxonomy and what habitat they prefer. This species page also includes a photo of that particular species from each one of its known collection sites. As you scroll through the pictures and if you are not sure where a specific location is you can utilize the pullout map on each page. If you want a closer look you can open the larger map with more villages, reefs, islands, coves, etc., than I have ever seen before. It also includes videos from Lake Malawi showing Aulonocara feeding, breeding, and strutting their stuff.

The index is an invaluable tool, where you can tap any species and be taken directly to that part of the book where you will find photos and the pullout map. On each page you can tap to enable the scrubber bar, access the large map, table of contents, or even mark your favorite pages. For those who want to dive even further into the genus Aulonocara you will find a full page of references.

This incredible interactive app is filled with valuable information along with the finest photos and videos that we have come to expect from Konings. I hope we will see more of these genus specific apps in the future, as they will surely be significant in how hobbyists obtain information about their favorite cichlid fishes.

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Malawi Peacocks presents an interactive way to enjoy your favorite cichlids in their natural habitat. The information, written by Ad Konings, is illustrated by more than 300 photos and 7 videos taken in Lake Malawi. Interactive slideshows and pull-out maps give a complete picture of these colorful and fascinating cichlids


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