The Care and Breeding of Haplochromine Cichlids
Cichlid Room Companion

The Care and Breeding of Haplochromine Cichlids

Riverine Species and Those Endemic to the Northern Great Lakes of Africa
Author: Steeves, Greg, 2015

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Keeping and Breeding Haplochromine Cichlids is a collection of spawning accounts based on years of experience with hundreds of species. These animals are grouped by characteristics that allow for breeding and husbandry information based on shared similarities. With environmental disasters occurring at increased frequencies, the very survival of many haplochromines is restricted to captivity and captive breeding efforts. For this reason alone, many aquarists are not only involved with the ornamental hobby, but also species survival of these beautiful fish. Many colored photos accompany breeding accounts and aquarium setup. Information provided will assist the both the beginner and seasoned aquarist in keeping and breeding haplochromine cichlids.


Introduction 4
Haplochromine Cichlids 6
Rheophilic Species 8
Algae Grazers 12
Paedophages 22
Shellers 27
Zooplankton Feeders 32
Insect Eaters 38
Piscivores 45
Detritus Sifters 50
Algae Sifters 53
A Word Concerning Haplochromine Nomenclature 58
Conclusion 58
Credits 59


Haplochromine cichlids are amongst the most colorful animals on Earth. With each year comes the exciting discovery of more incredible species. Their adaptability allows for them to be ideal candidates for aquarium residents. With a little forethought and knowledge, success with these fish is fairly easy. This guide will assist the aquarist in efforts to achieve long term enjoyment keeping and breeding haplochromine cichlids.


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