American cichlids 1: Dwarf Cichlids
Cichlid Room Companion

American cichlids 1: Dwarf Cichlids

A Handbook for their Identification, Care, and Breeding
Author: Linke, Horst & Wolfgang Staeck, 1994
ISBN: 1-56465-168-1

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 27-May-1996.

This book outlnes the identification, care and breeding of most of the known species of South American cichlids that are considered to be 'dwarf' in size. The book includes the genera Apistogramma, Apistogrammoides, Biotoecus, Crenicara , Crenicichla, Dicrossus, Laetacara, Nannacara, Papiliochromis (Mikrogeophagus), Taeniacara , and Teleocichla. None of the Central American species are included in this book, but are in the companion volume, American Cichlids 2.

This book contains color photographs of males and females of most species included, as well as the scientific descriptions. Water chemistry of the native habitats are given where ever possible, as well as the range of conditions that the fish will tolerate in the aquarium. Breeding accounts are concise and informative, especially in relation to the preferred spawning strata and size of the fry.

This book is 232 pages, with all color photographs and range maps for each species.