Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat
Cichlid Room Companion

Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat

Habitat, behavior in the wild and maintenance
Author: Konings, Ad, 1989

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by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, 27-May-1996.

This 303 pages book contains valuable information about the Malawian cichlids habitat and behavior in the lake itself, it is illustrated with over three hundred color pictures never published before and mostly taken in the natural habitat of lake Malawi. Photographs, picturing mostly the colorful cichlids, are chiefly authored by Ad Konings and many by Horst Walter Dieckhoff.

A thoughtful explanation of habitat niches and feeding preferences of the groups of cichlids in lake Malawi is given. Generic relationships among different lineages are 1ussed in depth.


In this now classic treatment of the cichlids of Lake Malawi, more than 500 different species are characterized by their distribution, coloration, and habitat preferences. As far as possible all species that have been introduced into the hobby have been identified and given correct scientific names. Perhaps of more interest are the numerous accounts of behavior and the more than 300 outstanding color photographs. Many of these excellent pictures were taken by Horst Walter Dieckhoff and show the cichlids in their natural habitat, in Lake Malawi.


Dedication, 7
Preface, 9
On the usage of "Haplochromis", 11
The lake, 13
The cichlids, a species flock, 18
The wave-washed upper rocky habitat, 48
The rocky habitat free of sediment, 66
The sediment-rich rocky habitat, 130
The intermediate habitat, 148
Shallow, sediment-rich bays, 209
The sand, 225
The open water, 268
References, 295


The book is a large edition (6.5.