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Xenotilapia sp. "lepeli" (Xenotilapia flavipinnis)

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Adult in aquarium

Xenotilapia sp. “lepeli” in the aquarium of Denis Jeandel; France. Photo by Denis Jeandel.

Xenotilapia sp. “lepeli” was discovered in a shipment to the German wholesale company Mal-Ta-Vi, collected in the vicinity of Cape Tembwe on the Congolese coast. The overall shape of the body resembles X. flavipinnis, but there seem to be some differences: the body is slightly higher, while the head profile somewhat resemble X. papilio, and the flank of the fish is adorned with many mother-of-pearl colored spots.


The distribution of Xenotilapia flavipinnis characterized by mother-of-pearl colored scales along the central Congolese coast..

Addendum: After subsequent imports it became clear that Xenotilapia sp. “lepeli” was not a new species, but represented a distinct population of Xenotilapia flavipinnis. The fish imported under the name of 'Kainda' also belong to this population, likely collected at Mtotokainda, the smallest of the Kavala Islands; recently imports from Kalemie has arrived as well.

Male from Kavala

Xenotilapia flavipinnis male imported under the name of 'Kainda', which most likely refer to 'Mtotokainda', the smallest of the Kavala Islands - Photo by Thomas Andersen. Determiner Thomas Andersen.



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