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HOTTIES: New publications on Central American cichlids

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Last updated on 20-Jan-2007

Some recent scientific paper that you might be interested in:


Concheiro GA, Rican O, Orti G, Bermingham E, Doadrio I & Zardoya R: Phylogeny of 91 species of heroine cichlids (Teleostei: Cichlidae) based on sequences of the cytochrome b gene. Molecular phylogenetics and Evolution. Abstract.


Barluenga M et al: Sympatric speciation in Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fish. Nature. Abstract. See the response of Schliewen et al. below!

Chakrabarty P: Taxonomic status of Hispaniolan cichlids. Occ Pap Mus Zool Univ Michigan 737:1-17.

Chakrabarty P: Systematics and historical biogeography of Greater Antillean Cichlidae. Mol Phylo Evol. Abstract.

Dinger EC et al: Role of fish in structuring invertebrates on stromatolites in Cuatro Cienegas, México. Hydrobiologia Abstract. (On the ecological role of Herichthys minckleyi in Cuatro Cienegas México.)

Hulsey D et al: Function of a key morphological innovation: fusion of the cichlid pharyngeal jaw. Proc R Soc Lond B. Abstract.

Rican O & Kullander SO: Character- and tree-based delimitation of species in the 'Cichlasoma' facetum group (Teleostei, Cichlidae) with the description of a new genus. J Zool Syst Evol Res 44:136-152. Abstract. (Although primiarily on South American taxa, some information about Central American cichlids’ phylogeny can be found.)

Schliewen UK, Kocher TD, McKaye, KR, Seehausen O & Tautz: Evolutionary biology: Evidence for sympatric speciation. Nature 444: 12-13. Abstract, (response to Barluenga et al. 2006)

Streelman JT & Albertson RC: Evolution of novelty in the cichlid dentition. J Exp Zool (Mol Dev Evol) 306B: 216-226. Abstract. (Includes Herichthys minckleyi.)


Hulsey et al: Cichlid jaw mechanics: linking morphology to feeding specialization. Funct Ecol. Abstract.

Hulsey et al: Trophic morphology, feeding performance and prey use in the polymorphic fish Herichthys minckleyi. Evol Ecol Res 7:303-324.

McCrary JK et al: A breeding population of Theraps underwoodi (Teleostei : Cichlidae) on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, and implications for its dispersal mechanisms. Caribb J Sci: 41:874-876.

Miller RR: Freshwater fishes of México. Chicago Univ Press. Product details.

Swanson BO et al: Do movement patterns differ between laboratory and field suction feeding behaviors in a Mexican cichlid? Environ Biol Fish. Abstract.


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