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Short synopsis of Nandopsis Gill, 1862

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Type species: Chromis tetracanthus Valeciennes, 1831

Distinctive characters: The genus Nandopsis is only vaguely defined. Gill (1862) only stated: "The Chromis tetracanthus Poey represents a new genus (Nandopsis, Gill)". The genus includes piscivorous species with big scales (30-33) along the lateral line (Stawikowski & Werner, 1998).

Species currently included:

Nandopsis haitiensis C

Nandopsis ramsdeni


Nandopsis tetracanthus

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Distribution: Great Antilles.

Further information: Chakrabarty (2006a,b) revised the classification proposed by Kulander (2003). N. vombergi is considered as a synonym to N. haitiensis (Chakrabarty 2006a). Furthermore, the author provides data to clarify the status of N. ramsdeni. Kullander (2003) placed N. ramdseni into 'Cichlasoma' without giving a rationale. Using a molecular phylogenetic approach, Chakrabarty (2006b) showed that N. ramsdeni is the sister species of N. tetracanthus and clearly groups within the other Nandopsis. Concheiro et al. (2007) found Nandopsis to me a monophyletic group based on cytochrome b sequences and point out that this genus does not seem to be closely related to the other mesoamerican cichlids.

Nandopsis tetracantha

Nandopsis tetracanthus is the type species of the genus. The picture shows a male in the aquarium. Photo by Don Danko.

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