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Short synopsis of Astatheros Pellegrin, 1904

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Last updated on 20-Jan-2007

Type species: Heros macracanthus Günther, 1864

Distinctive characters:

Species currently included:

Amphilophus alfari C

Amphilophus altifrons


Amphilophus bussingi


Amphilophus diquis


Amphilophus longimanus


Amphilophus macracanthus


Amphilophus margaritifer

C, S

Amphilophus rhytisma

C, A(Aquarium)

Amphilophus robertsoni

C, H(Laguna Noh), H(Cenote Escondido)

Amphilophus rostratus

C=CRC Catalogue, E=Note on Ecology, S=Note on systematic status

Distribution: Altlantic and Pazific versant from South México to Panama.

Further information: Astatheros Pellegrin, 1904 (type species: Heros heterodontus) was considered as synonyms to Amphilophus by Kullander (2003). Evidence from molecular phylogenies, however, suggest that Amphilophus is polyphyletic and Aststheros a natural group (Martin & Bermingham, 1998; Hulsey et al. 2004; Concheiro et al. 2007), so that some authors consider Astatheros as valid (Stauffer & McKaye, 2002; Kranefeld & Schindler, 2005).

Female in aquarium
Amphilophus macracanthus breeding female in the aquarium of Juan Miguel Artigas Azas; San Luis Potosi, México. Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. Determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.


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