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Short synopsis of Parachromis Agassiz, 1859

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Last updated on 17-Aug-2005

Type species: Parachromis gulosus [=Heros managuensis Günther, 1867]

Distinctive characters: The Guapotes of the genus Parachromis are specialized predators with elongated bodies, short caudal peduncles and a huge, protrusionable mouth with robust jaws. Kullander (1996) gave a revised diagnosis of the genus. Among others distinguishing characters include:

  • All teeth caniniform. Upper jaw outer row symphysial pair of teeth prolonged
  • Coronalis pore present.
  • Preaxillary ascending processes reaching to vertical line from middle or posterior margin of orbit.
  • Dorsal and anal fin scaly.

Species currently included:

Parachromis dovii C, E(Polychromatism)

Parachromis friedrichsthalii

C, B(Death feigning), H(Laguna Noh), H(Cenote Escondido)

Parachromis loisellei


Parachromis managuensis

C, H(Laguna Noh)

Parachromis motaguensis

C=CRC Catalogue,B=Note on behavior, E=Note on ecology, H=Habitat description

Distribution: From the Rio Usumacinta drainage in South México (P. managuensis) south to Panama (P. loisellei).

Male in the aquarium A male of Parachromis managuensis in the aquarium of Jacques Blanc; Manosque [France]. Photo by Jacques Blanc. determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas


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