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Cichlid Room Companion
Tribe Ectodini

Synopsis of Aulonocranus Regan, 1920

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Type species: Aulonocranus dewindti (Boulenger, 1899)

Male in Isanga Bay A male of Aulonocranus dewindti at Kalambo Lodge in Isanga Bay, Lake Tanganyika [Zambia]. Photo by Ad Konings. determiner Ad Konings

Distinctive characters:

  • Body moderately lengthened and compressed, approximately 3 times as long as high, with symmetrical dorsal and ventral profiles.
  • Dorsal XI-XIII, 12-14. Anal III, 8-10. Ventral fins with a long first spine, more or less filamentous, reaching to the anal fin in adult males. Caudal cresentric.
  • 33-36 scales along the longitudinal line.
  • Sensory pores on the head region.
  • Two lateral lines.
  • Lower pharyngeal bone triangular, with very fine subconic teeth.
  • Mouth final with the lower jaw a bit prominent. Teeth conical and very small, arranged in 2-3 rows on each jaw.
  • The color of the body is silvery, with horizontal yellow lines in males.
  • Total length 12 cm.

Species currently included:

Aulonocranus dewindti (Boulenger, 1899)

Type locality:

Moliro, D.R. Congo (former Zaire).

Taxonomic history:

  • Aulonocranus dewindti (Boulenger, 1899) - by Regan 1920
  • Paratilapia dewindti Boulenger, 1899


  • Paratilapia lukugae Boulenger, 1919

Link to Aulonocranus dewindti in the CRC Catalogue.

Remarks on taxonomic status:

The mono-typic genus Aulonocranus with the type-species A. dewindti stands out from all other species in the tribe Ectodini, by the presence of sensory pores in the head region. The molecular analyses of Koblmüller et al. (2004) showed that Aulonocranus form a subclade within the Ophthalmotilapia-clade, together with the genera Cunningtonia, Ectodus and Lestradea, and that Aulonocranus dewindti may form a species-pair together with Cunningtonia longiventralis.

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