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Short synopsis of Paraneetroplus Regan, 1905

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Type species: Paraneetroplus bulleri Regan, 1905

Distinctive characters: Stawikowski and Werner (1987) describe this genus as very distinct from Tomocichla sieboldii and the heroine cichlids from México. Paraneetroplus are colorful cichlids that can reach 20 cm standard length and more. Stawikowski and Werner (1987) characterize the genus and delimitate it from Theraps as following:

  • Covex head profile in Paraneetroplus vs. straight or concave head profile in Theraps
  • Paraneetroplus with a strongly subterminal mouth vs. Theraps with a slightly subterminal mouth
  • Mouth opening in line with the lower basis of the pectorals in Paratheraps vs. mouth opening in line with the upper basis of the pectorals in Theraps
  • DXVII-XVIII/ 12-14 in Paraneetroplus vs. DXV-XII/ 11-13 in Theraps
  • AVI/ 9-10 in Paraneetroplus vs. A(III) IV-VI/ 7-10 in Theraps
  • Paraneetroplus with a row of oval blotches on the side that are fused to a horizontal stripe in juveniles vs. vertical bars in Theraps
  • Furthermore, there are differences in the dentition of the two genera.

Species currently included:

Paraneetroplus bulleri C

Paraneetroplus gibbiceps

C, H(Arroyo Cristal)

Paraneetroplus omonti


Paraneetroplus nebulifer

C, A(Rediscovery)
C=CRC Catalogue, H=Habitat description

Distribution: This genus has a very restricted distribution: Atlantic versant of South México; from the Rio Papaloapán basin (P. nebuliferus), over the Rio Coatzacoalcos drainage (P. bulleri) to the Rio Grijalva system (P. gibbiceps).

Further information: Miller (2005) assign all species of this genus to Theraps. Furthermore, he considers P. omonti as a synonym to P. gibbiceps.

Pair in the aquarium

A pair of Paraneetroplus bulleri, type species of the genus, in the aquarium of Brian Traas. Photo by Brian Traas.

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