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The Rare and Unusual

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The Rare and Unusual-A Collection of Preserved Specimens from East Africa.

Cichlid identification is sometimes trying at best. Being able to see a fish in its natural coloration is usually enough to recognize the species but at times, a little deeper examination is necessary. The scientist looks not only at body shape, fin specifications, scale counts and other noticeable external features, but also internal matter such as the digestive tract, gut analysis and dentition to name a few.

Mark Smith has kindly donated his photographic collection of the animals he catalogued at the Kenyan National Museum in Nairobi, Kenya. The photos are presented in their original form and most have attached the generic species moniker Haplochromis. The photos are, of course historically significant as many of the pictured cichlids are now believed extinct. I would like to thank Mark for this fantastic contribution to The Cichlid Room Companion.

Greg Steeves

Haplochromis sp 1
Haplochromis sp. 1 Ulugi Beach, Rusinga, South Nyanza, Tanzania, Lake Victoria

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