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Potentially undescribed species of the genus Thorichthys

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Thorichthys sp. "Coatzacoalcos"

In Rio Coatzacoalcos system, Thorichthys with a yet unclear identity can be found. They are apparently closely related to T. ellioti, but it is unknown if Coatzacoalcos-Thorichthys are a geographical variant therof or a different yet undescribed species. So far, these fish are called T. sp. "Coatzacoalcos" as suggested by Stawikowski & Werner (1998). The fish are also known as T. sp. "Mixteco".

According to Juan Miguel Artigas Azas (see here), Thorichthys from the Coatzacoalcos river system show different geographical forms. Depending on the river of origin, golden (characterized by intense yellow coloration on the cheeks), green ( green dots that are aligned in rows on the body) and blue (red cheeks and many blue dots on the head and the rest of the body) variants can be found. The blue T. sp. "Coatzacoalcos" can be found in the Rio Grande, Malatengo, Sarabia, Tortuguero and Juñiapan, all in the Coatzacoalcos river system.

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas has made collections of this form from different rivers in the Coatzacoalcos system over several years (from which the aquarium specimens available in the United States come from). He is studying its variability and working on the description of this new species, which is almost completed at the moment.

Thorichthys sp. 'Coatzacoalcos' Thorichthys sp. 'Coatzacoalcos'

Thorichthys sp. "Coatzacoalcos" Blue Mixteco female from Rio Grande, Coatzacoalcos river system. Photo by Don Danko.

Thorichthys sp. Coatzacoalcos "Green Mixteco" from Rio Uxpanapa, Coatzacoalcos river system; México in the aquarium of Rusty Wessel, Louisville, Kentuky. Photo by Spencer Jack

T. Mixteco gold

Thorichthys sp. "Coatzacoalcos" Gold Mixteco. Photo by Graham Evans.


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