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Cichlid Room Companion fellow 2015: Piotr Koba

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Last updated on 02-Jan-2015

" We name Piotr Koba fellow of the Cichlid Room Companion 2015, for all the help in making the site better with his many translations and help "

Piotr Koba, 2014 Piotr Koba, fellow of the Cichlid Room Companion.

We are very proud to present our Cichlid Room Companion 2015 fellow, Piotr Koba from Poland. Piotr is an avid and very active aquarium hobbyist and nature lover trained as a professional translator, who for many years has steadily been collaborating with the Cichlid Room Companion in different areas.

Since 2009, Piotr has been the editor of the Polish version of the site, translating the full frame of the Cichlid Room Companion and literally thousands of articles, profiles, and picture and video captions to Polish.

Piotr has also been instrumental in the creation of our glossary, containing as of today more than 750 fish related terms. This has been a major contribution to the site where Piotr has invested hundreds of hours. Beyond all that, Piotr has also helped in the calibration of hundreds of maps that we now use to show the distribution of cichlid species and the placement of localities.

In behalf of those participating in the site, I want to thank Piotr with this small acknowledgement for all his efforts to make cichlid knowledge more accessible to everyone.


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