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Na Południe, część 06: Dziwaki, odmieńce i kuzyni (bliżsi lub dalsi)

, 2015.
Ostatnia aktualizacja 24-kwi-2015

Wayne Leibel, 2003

Tłumacz: Piotr Koba (08-maj-2015)

" In this installment we will discuss the remainder of the acara lineage — what we have historically called Aequidens. These fish exist as a series of nomenclatural and systematic fragments, the result of Kullander's (1986) recent restriction of the genus Aequidens to what I have elected to call the "true" acaras. What's left for us to meet is a collection of oddballs, misfits and "sort-of" relatives — which we shall do in this, the last "acara" installment! "

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