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The systematic status of Herichthys teporatus

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Last updated on 11-Aug-2005

Heros teporatus Fowler, 1903 from the Rio Soto la Marina (Tamaulipas, México) system is considered as a synonym of H. carpintis (described from the Laguna del Carpintero near Tampico, Tamaulipas, México) by Kullander (2003). However, Kullander (2003) admits that "the status of Heros teporatus needs further analysis."

Although only subtle, there seem to be consistent differences between the forms from the Rio Soto la Marina and the H. carpintis from the type locality. For futher information regarding the status of H. teporatus, please sneak through the postings in the CRC Forum or refer to the article by Mauricio de la Maza: Abrupt Change vs Moderate Graduality in a Transition Zone: From Herichthys cyanoguttatus to H. carpintis (The Search for the Missing Link).


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