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The generic assignment of "Cichlasoma" ufermanni

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Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny, Central and North America.

'Cichlasoma' ufermanni (formerly known as Vieja sp. "Rio Corzo"; Stawikowski & Werner, 1998) was previously assigned to genus Vieja (Allgayer, 2002). Kullander (2003), however, excluded this species from the genus and notes that generic allocation of the species is unclear. This decision is not easily comprehensable in that the apparently closely related V. heterospila is still listed in the genus Vieja. Artigas Azas (Cichlid Room Companion: Catalogue), splits the genus Vieja in several genera (see Vieja vs. Paratheraps vs. Chuco).

Group in aquarium

'Cichlasoma' uffermanni group in the aquarium of Jeff Rapps, Ney Jersey, USA. Photo by Jeff Rapps.

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