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Potentially undescribed species of the genus Archocentrus

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All species in the genus Archcentrus with a wider distrubution show a considerable amount of geographic variation in terms of body shape as well as coloration (especially A. nigrofasciatus and A. spilurus). Geographic variation in these species, however, is poorly studied and it is not known at all, how different environmental characteristics (lacustrine vs. riverine habitats, clear vs. turbid water, high vs. low predation) might account for this variation. Further taxonomic studies are needed to reveal if some very distinct geographic variants are in fact separate species.

Archocentrus sp. "Lago Yojoa"

Fish collected in the Lago Yojoa (Honduras) and apparently related to A. spilurus were repeatedly named A. sp. "Lago Yojoá" or A. sp. "Yojoa". These population was also named A. cutteri , which is currently considered as a synonym of A. spilurus. It needs to be clarified if a) the A. spilurus from Honduras are a distinct species which would justify the regocnition of A. cutteri as a valid name and b) if the fish from the Lago Yojoá are indeed identical with the form that can be found in the Rio Lancetilla (type locality of C. cutteri). Until then, the fish of the Lago Yojoá should be considered as geographical variant of A. spilurus.


Archocentrus spilurus male from Lake Yojoa in Honduras, in the aquarium. Photo by Michi Tobler Determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.

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