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The systematic status of Cichlasoma zonatum and Heros guttulatus

作者 , 2005.
最後更新情形 11- 8月-2005

Michi Tobler, 2005

Although Kullander (2003) lists Cichlasoma zonatum Meek, 1907 (type locality: Niltepec, Oaxaca, México) as a valid species in the genus Vieja, he admits that the validity of the species is uncertain. C. zonata was synonymized with V. guttulata (type locality: Lake Amatitlan, Pacific coast of Guatemala) by Miller (1966). According to Meek, V. zonata has a steeper head profile, a higher body and a smaller mouth compared to V. guttulata.

The reason why Kullander (2003) questioned the validity of V. zonata is not straightforward to understand, since a distinct Vieja form was repeatedly reported from the type locality and adjacent areas (e.g. Stawikowski & Werner, 1998 and picture below). Moreover, doubts on the validity of the species seem more appropriate in respect of Günther's H. guttulatus, since very little is known about Vieja forms from the Lake Amatitlan area and the Pacific coast of Guatemala. New information on Vieja forms from the Pacific coast of Guatemala would therefore certainly shed light into this problem. Any conclusions if the species from Oaxaca and the Amatitlan region are indeed distinct species or if they represent geographical variants of the same species seem premature unless new information is provided.

Male in the aquarium A male of Vieja zonata from La ventosa, Oaxaca [Mexico], in normal coloration in the aquarium of Don Danko. 拍攝者 Don Danko. 鑑定者 Juan Miguel Artigas Azas


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