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Hypsophrys & Neetroplus: A monophyletic group?

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Individual in the aquarium

Neetroplus nematopus male in central Costa Rica. Photo by Juan Miguel Artigas Azas. Determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.

Male in habitat

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis from northern Costa Rica in the aquarium of Brian Traas; Netherlands. Photo by Brian Traas. Determiner Juan Miguel Artigas Azas

Molecular analyses of the phylogenetic relationships of Central American cichlids revealed a close relationship of Hypsophrys nicaraguensis and Neetroplus nematopus (Hulsey et al. 2004). These two species from in fact a monophyletic group. Thus, Neetroplus Günther, 1867 may be considered as a junior synonym of Hypsophrys Agassiz, 1859.

Hypsophrys nicaraguensis and Neetroplus nematopus indeed share several characteristics. Both species have a unique head morphology with a rounded profile and a subterminal mouth. Furthermore, both species have a distinct black color pattern in the middle of the body (a big blotch in H. nicaraguensis and a vertical band in N. nematopus. Both species breed in crevices.

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