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The European Shrimp Mix Receipe

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This food comes highly recommended by many European breeders and hobbyists. It is reputed to increase color, especially in washed out fish from incorrect feeding, help give them size, and mature properly. Some feed it almost exclusively to their fish, others as a supplement to a good quality flake food.

NOTE: never suddenly change your fish's feeding regimen or food. Gradually introduce the new food to your fish and observe them carefully in the following days to make sure it sits well with them.

Here's the recipe:

Powdered Sprirulina
Knox Gelatin
Zoe Freshwater Liquid Vitamins

You want to get regular whole shrimps, heads and all. They do not need to be expensive, but they do need to be the normal full sized ones.

Spirulina can be obtained from your local health food store or in some specialized grocery stores. Make sure you get the pure powder with no added herbs or other products.

Vitamins can be any good quality freshwater aquarium concentrate.

The Agar Agar is available from your local health foods store and some specialty stores. It is a better choice if you can find it as it is vegetable rather than meat and more easily digestible.

Thaw the shrimps and peas, leaving them slightly frozen and put them in a blender. Grind them finely and place the mixture in a bowl.

Add the spirulina powder and liquid vitamins to the mix and stir well.

Dissolve the gelatin (follow the directions on the box) making sure there are no lumps in it - this is very important!

Slowly add the shrimp-peas mix to the warm gelatin but be sure to mix it completely before it cools too much.

Pour the mixture onto a baking tray and put it in the refrigerator to cool for awhile.

Before it gets too hard, cut the mixture into ZipLoc baggy sized squares and place it in the freezer.

Feed this mixture only once a day as it is very potent food


Please note that the original version of this recipe can be found in Ad Konings book Enjoying Cichlids - a must have for all serious aquarists!


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