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Treating Bloat

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Bloat is the single most aggravating part of keeping Tropheus. I have tried many of the recommended treatments, and came up with the following one through trial and error. This works as long as the fish isn't so far gone that there is no hope, and even then, miracles do happen!

If you notice any of the following symptoms, or if you have recently stressed them in any way such as changing tankmates, tank setups, shipping, etc., keep a close watch on your fish and decide whether or not you should treat:

  • Hanging back, looking listless, or hiding
  • Spitting out food or not taking any at all (this could also be the case if you have a female holding eggs, though generally she will eat as well as she can)
  • Labored breathing
  • Darkening of color
  • Tipping or swaying

NOTE: These are the typical signs I see in bloating fish. They could also mean a number of other things and it takes some time to be able to immediately recognize when the fish needs treatment.

How to Treat

Day 1

  • remove the carbon or any filter resins
  • do a 30-40% water change taking care not to stress the fish
  • fill an 8oz. jar or glass bottle with tank water and drop 1 table of Clout per 10 gallons of tank water. Round up if you have a 45, 55, etc.
  • shake well and pour in the mixture bit by bit over a half and hour or so as it can be very strong - this is important!

Day 2

  • repeat Day 1 instructions exactly

Day 3

  • repeat Day 1 instructions exactly

This should be enough of a treatment if the inflammation is not severe. Do a final water change 24 hours after the last treatment. If the fish has not resumed eating, treat for a full five days, though often three is enough. In some cases it is necessary to do another treatment after doing the initial five day one. If you don't see improvement after the first 3-5 days, take two days off continuing water changes and then start over again with a three day treatment.

Daily water changes are essential for proper treatment. Be sure to do these for maximum effectiveness of the Clout treatment


Clout is made by Aquarium Products, Inc. located in Glen Burnie, MD 21061. Most aquarium stores carry it, but if you are unable to find it locally you can order it by mail

Tropheus moorii 'Kachese'

Never change with cooler water as this can shock your fish. Try to get it the same temperature or within a degree or two warmer

Tropheus duboisi 'Maswa'

Though bloat is not directly contagious, often more than one fish in a tank will get it as they have all been subjected to the same stressors


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