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  • Breeding Tropheus duboisi, by Ad Konings, 1985.

    A very informative article by one of the top Tropheus experts on earth, about one of the most popular Tropheus. If you are starting with this fabulous group of cichlids this article will set you in the right direction, avoiding you many potential frustrations.
  • Breeding Tropheus duboisi, by Jessica Miller, 1997.

    Some aquarist guides on the sucessful breeding of Tropheus duboisi in the home aquarium, by Jessica Miller, creator of the popular Tropheus basics home page.
  • Fear Factor: Tropheus, by Pam Chin, 2003.

    A truly longterm Tropheus breeder expert condense her hard earned experience for all the amateur Tropheus keepers.
  • Observations and Experiences in Keeping Tropheus, by Larry Soldani, 1998.

    Experiences of an advanced aquarist trying to get into Tropheus keeping and breeding, the frustration and finally the success, with some commentaries about his experiences.
  • Speciation, DNA and Tropheus, by Ad Konings, 1993.

    Considerations on the speciation on Tropheus, its distribution in lake Tanganyika and some comments on the results of genetical tests.
  • The genus Tropheus, by Ad Konings, 1995.

    Tropheus in the wild by one of the most knowledgeable experts in the world, with remarks on some of the most important things to watch when housing them in the home aquarium.
  • Tropheus: A hobbyist's experience, by Jessica Miller, 1997.

    Experiences of an aquarist starting with Tropheus, Jessica is the talented author of the popular Tropheus basics home page, incorporated into this section.
  • Tropheus keeping and an experience in Bloat Treatment, by Javier Suarez Santana, 1997.

    Experiences of an advanced aquarist trying to get into Tropheus keeping and breeding, with some commentaries about his facing with bloat.
  • Tropheus Anonymous, by Pam Chin, 1997.

    Pam claims she has killed more Tropheus than anybody else. You will find in this article valuable tips for the successful keeping and breeding of Tropheus, by an renowned expert who has paid her bill to become so.
  • The Tropheus Genus: A Beginner's Experience, by Eric A. Kennelly, 1998.

    An encouraging view of what starting and getting hooked on Tropheus is, plus many useful advices by somebody that started right.
  • Tropheus sp. Black "Kiriza", by Ronald Revolinski, 2000.

    Not all Tropheus keepers face disaster, Ronald does tell us in a short but fruitful account his experiences with this difficult Tanganyikan jewel about his happy ending history.


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