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Finding good books on Tropheus can be a challenge. Most books on Lake Tanganyika offer some information and pictures, but often leave the Tropheus fanatic wanting for more. I recently received two new books on Tropheus from a wonderful German aquarist Frank Schneidewind who is extremely knowledgeable about Tropheus and Cichlids in general. Unfortunately these two gems are only published in the German language at present, but hopefully soon they will also be out in English! Myself, I cannot read German to save my life, yet I have gotten great enjoyment out of the pictures and I use an online translator to help me out when I want to know more. In any case, I highly recommend these books as they are fully dedicated to Tropheus and written by a true Tropheus enthusiast!

One last Cichlid resource I should mention is the American Cichlid Association. You can find out about becoming a member by checking out their website which has just had a very nice overhaul.

This book is full of beautifully descriptive pictures of Tropheus varieties and tank setups, some of them seen throughout this page. It is presently available only in German but will hopefully soon be available in English also.

ISBN: 3-927997-65-X

Publisher: Bede Verlag

Another great Tropheus book by Frank Schneidewind. Again, this one is available only in German. This is his newest work and has all new photographs and information available. This book has considerable practical advice and real life setups that will help you if you are just starting or have been into Tropheus for years.

ISBN: 3-931 792-65-X

Publisher: Bede Verlag

This is a book in magazine form, also published in hardback. This magazine is available in English and German and is full of very good information on care, breeding, feeding, and types of Tropheus. Frank writes in a very readable way that is easy to comprehend and will help you better understand your Tropheus.

Publisher: T.F.H..

This catalog is a very nice addition to any Tanganyikan hobbyist's bookshelf. It is mostly photographs and included individual statistics on each fish including breeding behavior, feeding preference, locality, fish size, minimum tank dimensions, etc.

ISBN: 3-921684-28-5

Publisher: Dähne Verlag.

This book is one of Ad Konings older books on Lake Tanganyika. I am not entirely sure you can still order it. It has some nice information about Tropheus, but more of a general book on Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids. It has quite a few passages about the lifestyles of different cichlids found in the lake which are very good.

ISBN: 90-800181-1-2

Publisher: Verduijn Cichlids

This is the newest of Ad Konings Tanganyikan books. It has a lot of great information on each fish, including care, natural habitat, breeding behavior, and identification. Lots of great photos.

ISBN: 3-928457-37-3

Publisher: Back to Nature.

Hans-Joachim's book on Tropheus is full of pictures including a brief description of each type. This book is published in German only. He also includes information about the surrounding lake and the fish in general.

ISBN: 3-921684-39-0

Publisher: Dähne Verlag


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