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Contributing to the Cichlid Room Companion

Last updated on 23-Mar-2011


Contributions to the Cichlid Room Companion are welcome, you can contribute an article, graphic, image, or other material that helps to meet the objective of this site. We are committed to providing quality information to users, so we won't publish what we consider misleading information or bad quality pictures or videos, the material of topics already covered, or for which the identification of the species pictured is doubtful, in our criteria. We reserve the right to publication of any submitted material at any time.


Curators in the Cichlid Room Companion are responsible for the information on one or more cichlid species, genera, or localities. Curators should submit and maintain up-to-date information in their assigned profiles. The information in genus and species profiles refers to the taxonomy; distribution, habitat, conservation; natural history; and comments. There are special edition forms for curators to introduce and update this information. Once a profile is completed, it is reviewed by the site editor for publication. After publication, the curator has the responsibility to maintain the submitted information updated, adding new information that becomes available about the subject of the profiles under her/his care. A curatorship of a profile can be removed either by petition of the curator or if after ten years of publication the profile information is judged by the site editor to need an update. All contributions by curators should be in the English language.


The Cichlid Room Companion pays authors a quarterly royalty fee for each active profile, picture, or video published on the site. The fee for each item can vary each quarter since it is dependent on the number of active subscribers and sponsors, as well as the number of contributions present on the site. Each author and curator will receive a quarterly report with the royalties he has won during the period, and a balance sheet will be available for her/him on hers/his user page. Royalty payments are sent to each author after they reach a minimum established amount, which currently is $25 USD.


Copyright of supplied material stays with the author and the Cichlid Room Companion only requires written (e-mail is fine) authorization for its use. The author agrees that any material sent for use in the Cichlid Room Companion is hers/his own or she/he holds the proper rights to allow publication of it. We cannot accept material for which the author does not hold publication rights. We reserve the right to take down any published material at any time without notification to the author.

A copyright sign with the name of the author of the material will be included with the publication of accepted submissions. An author page will be created within the Cichlid Room Companion and linked to her/his contribution(s). The name of the author will also be listed on the Cichlid Room Companion authors page.


Any material desired to be published in the Cichlid Room Companion that fills the preceding requirements should be submitted for revision to the site editor. In the case of pictures, they should be at least 1,200 pixels wide, preferably in jpg format and without compression. In the case of videos, they should be submitted preferably in mp4 format with a minimum of 864 pixels of width.

If you are interested in becoming a curator in the Cichlid Room Companion, please let us know. Any initial communication should be made directly to the site editor using this linked form.


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