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Last updated on 17-Oct-2018

Classification: Taxonomy and phylogeny.

" The standards followed in integrating and maintaining the Cichlid Room Companion cichlid catalog are delineated "

The Cichlid Room Companion offers a searchable authoritative catalog of all fish species classified in the family Cichlidae. The information supplied for each species can be grouped into six areas:

1 — Taxonomic

For each Cichlidae taxon we offer a reference to its original description, including type locality (or type species for genera), a nomenclature history, as well as a list of species considered in synonymy for each taxon with the authoritative reference followed for this decision. Objective synonymies are followed in every case. Subjective synonymies are followed after an authoritative reference and consulting with a group of specialists that work on the specific group of species it concerns. We also offer a nomenclature history (complete in most cases) for each taxon.

For most taxa we offer a name etymology, comparative diagnosis, and a list of type material. We also offer searchable common names for each species. We work every day to get this information as complete as it is possible.

For each species we offer validated photographs grouped by locality of origin when available, with some taxa including over 150 photos. We also offer videos when available. Many of the pictures and videos presented were taken in the natural habitat of the species illustrated.

A scheme of classification of major ranks below the family level if offered, where we include all accepted sub-families and tribes with their original names, types, diagnoses, and the list of genera which the group.

Additionally we include the Zoobank code for each nomenclatural act in our catalog, together with direct links to several other authoritative catalogs when such records are available. Currently, we link to the Catalog of Fishes of the California Academy of Sciences, Fishbase, and the Encyclopedia of Life.

A list of species currently unidentifiable is given, including the reasons for such a current status.

With the aim of a better understanding of Cichlidae classification, additionally to the species in synonymy listed under each taxon, a list of synonyms with the authoritative reference followed is given. Additionally to a list of species and genera description by year, a list of collections for type material (and other), and a list of taxonomists that have produced the taxa descriptions.

A summary of current taxa organized by geographical area is also offered.

We list some cichlid populations that have been proposed as potentially valid species when an authoritative reference or a provisional diagnosis is available, the species in this list may change over time, and not every proposal is followed.

2 — Distribution and habitat

For most cichlid species we offer a distribution range and a map with corroborated localities marked on it, this information is based on museum records (including type material), photos in situ, or an authoritative reference. A list of selected localities, often with pictures and information is also given. We also offer a description of the habitat.

A list of species per country is given, this transverse information is presented also for each species in the catalog. Species are listed by ecoregion, to delimit these, we follow the World Wildlife Fund “Freshwater Ecoregions of the World”, for which we offer a clickable map.

3 — Biology

For biological data we include the maximum size of the taxon and sex dimorphism. Extensive notes on feeding and breeding behavior are offered for most of the cichlid species in the CRC catalog. We work every day to add more information to them.

4 — Aquaristics

Information about aquarium keeping is offered for most of the species listed.

5 — Conservation

We include the risk classification given by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in their Red List of Threatened Species for each taxon, with direct links to the IUCN catalog profiles. Additional notes on conservation are given when available.

6 — Bibliography

An extensive bibliography is offered for each taxon.

We include groups to list species with common aspects, to facilitate their understanding.


The species profiles that we publish are maintained by a list of specialists, which include professional scientists, citizen scientists, and people who specialize in a particular group of cichlids, who in filling the information in them offer comments as to the origin of some of the information, status, and give their personal opinions regarding each taxon.


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