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Subscriptions to the Cichlid Room Companion using PayPal

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 28-Jan.-2018
Juan Miguel Artigas Azas,

" The Cichlid Rooom Companion offers subscriptions to people, which are administered by PayPal. The way they operate and how to cancel the renewals service are explained in this small document "

We offer access to all areas of the Cichlid Room Companion (CRC) through membership subscriptions, these subscriptions are administered by PayPal ( This is how it works: when you buy a subscription to the CRC using PayPal, the CRC system receives from PayPal the relevant information to activate your membership, which includes your name, details about the payment and your e-mail address. We however do not receive any financial information. With the information that we receive from PayPal our system creates your account (if you don’t already have one), gives you access rights for your first subscription period and notifies you that we have received your payment, send your credentials (if you are not already registered) and if you did not opted-out out of the recurrent subscription option, notify you that you will be recurrently charged by PayPal at subscription expiration date to keep your subscription active. Each time this happens, PayPal will send our system a notification about the renewal payment and renewal request, our system will process such request each time this happens.

You can terminate your agreement with PayPal at any given moment, so that PayPal won’t send us further renewal payments. To do this (as is set on October 2018) you have to login in the PayPal system with your account, at the opening page click on the gear icon (settings) at the right side on the top blue menu bar, once you do this you will be offered four options in a horizontal sub-menu, the third being “Payments”, please click on it. In the resulting page click on the graphic button “Manage automatic payments”. You will then be presented with a list of companies to which you have allowed to charge you for services. At the bottom of such list there is a link which reads “manage preapproved payments”, in the resulting list the Cichlid Room Companion should be included as one company to which PayPal will send recurrent payments to keep your subscription alive, click on it and in the status click on “cancel”. Once you do, PayPal won’t send the CRC any further renewal payments. You cannot reactivate the service, but you can always buy a new subscription and create another renewal service with PayPal at any time.

I hope this little text will help you better understand how the subscriptions in the Cichlid Room Companion are handled and kept alive with the service of PayPal.


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