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Last updated on 26-Jan-2021

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" Guides to use the Cichlid Room Companion trading system "

The Cichlid Room Companion trading system was designed as a way to facilitate people interested in selling or obtaining a given species of cichlid to find a person with whom to trade it. The Cichlid Room Companion does not ask for anything in return but also does not back any deal. First, I will give you a summarized description of the Trading System.

Ads for wanted or offered species which are posted by members are visible in several ways: 1) on the trading system page, selectable from any CRC page; 2) at the species profile, under the tab “offers”, the tab is only visible when offers are available; 3) in the trader’s page, selectable from the trader list present in the trading system page. 4) In the trader system bulletin, sent every Sunday to all members who have not signed off for receiving the newsletter and for which the species is geographically available (currently about 1,500 persons in the USA). Additionally, people who are subscribed to news for a particular cichlid species will receive in their notifications new offers for the species, with information about the offers.

If you are interested in an offer, click on the species name in the offers listings and you will be redirected to the species page, where there is a “contact” virtual button at the right of each available offer for the species, just click on it and add a message to the trader, then click on “contact trader” and he will receive your request.

Any registered member can currently post up to 50 simultaneous offers, either “wants” or “sells”. Any offer is active for 15 days, after which period the trader receives a system notification with the list of lapsing offers, with the possibility to easily reactivate or change them if desired. If a species is sold out or the species has been obtained before the lapsing date, the offers can easily get deactivated by the trader at any moment.

Follows the detailed explanation. If you want to use the trading system what you need to do is:

1) Register in the system

For participating in offering or requesting cichlid species you need to register in the system, this step is not necessary if all you want is to do is reply to a request, either to sell or to buy fish, but if you want to post an offer, either to sell or request species, you need to sign up in the system.

For registering in the system, you first have to log in to the Cichlid Room Companion, then visit the Trading System and click on the local menu option “trader add”, found in the submenu under the description of the page. Once you do this you are presented with a form where you simply select where you ship fish to (e.g. a given country, worldwide, or non-shipping). Then you select the currency that you want to deal in (e.g. US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, etc), and third, you include your terms of service, which should regularly include paying terms, a form of shipping, and its cost, guarantees, and others.

Once you do this you should read the Terms and Conditions or the Trading system presented to you, check on the acceptance box and click on the “Sign up” virtual button, you will then receive an e-mail with detailed instructions to use the system. You are signed up and can then start trading.

2) Adding species to your list or species to include in offers

After signing in to the trading system, to place ads you have to select the “trader ads” option that will now be visible on the Trading System page. First select the species you want for your list of species to trade from the first list under the page header “Add cichlid species to your list of species to trade”, select each species and click on the “add” virtual button to the right. Selecting the species to trade will keep the list of species short when you add an offer in the future, as you will only see the species you selected instead of the whole catalog of cichlid species. We only allow using the species active in our catalog to help avoid misidentifications or confusion.

3) Add offers to the system

Under the “Add cichlid species to your list of species to trade” in the same “trader ads” page, you can add offers, for each offer you have to select the species to trade, if the add is for sell or want, the average size of the specimens offered or requested, the price in your selected currency and any comments you may have about your particular request. Once the text boxes with this information are filled, click on the “add” virtual button to the right, if the information was complete (comments are optional as well as the price for want offers) the offer is now listed in the system.

4) Reactivate lapsed offers

When the offers you posted reach expiration date, you will receive an e-mail with a link to reactivate them or change them, you have then to select the offers you want to repost by clicking on a check-box for each of them and clicking on the virtual “edit” button to the right of each, or all of them with the “activate all” at the bottom of the page.

5) Stop receiving trading e-mails

If you are not interested in receiving trading e-mails you can simply click on the “unsubscribe” link which is found at the bottom of any “active cichlid offers” e-mail. Alternatively, you can enter the settings section in your user page and unmark the checkbox with the label “Receive trading e-mails”, and then click on the “edit” virtual button at the bottom of the page.

I hope this service can be of use for you to obtain a better enjoyment of your cichlid involvement.


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