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User settings and private page

Last updated on 21-Feb-2021

" A brief explanation of Cichlid Room Companion users page "

In the first user tip last month I wrote about the Cichlid Room Companion trading system, in this second user tip I will describe the user page which is available for each Cichlid Room Companion member.

User page

The user page is where all user information is found organized in several sections, and it is also where a user can edit her/his information. The way to access your user page is by clicking on your registered name (or a collapsible menu icon on a mobile device like a smartphone), which appears on the right side of the top menu bar, or the welcome box on the main site page.


If you hover the mouse pointer over your name in the menu bar you will see some options in an appearing hanging menu, those options link you to the most important sections and pages about your relationship with the Cichlid Room Companion and the American Cichlid Association. For example, if you are an American Cichlid Association member, you will see an “ACA membership” option.

Even if every member sees different options, which depend on their relationship with the Cichlid Room Companion, all members will see three options: settings, where you edit your user information; help, where all site documents (including this text) are found; and logout, which will immediately log you out the site, if selected.

I will now explain some of the sections which are shown as tabs (or a collapsible menu icon on a mobile device, like a smartphone) on your user page.


It includes your basic membership information, like name, username, email, country, and preferred language. There is also a box that shows the security groups to which you belong, which give you certain edition privileges, and access to several site utilities.



If you are an ACA member you will see this tab, if you click on it you are linked to a page with your ACA information, which includes your ACA membership data, like your current address (if shared), your membership type and status, membership payments you have made, donations to the ACA funds you have made, membership terms in the Cichlid Room Companion, and official positions you have held in the ACA, if any.


You will see this tab if you have made a favorite any item on the site, like a species profile, a picture, a video, or a reference, among others. I will write more about favorites in an upcoming editor tip.


You will see this tab if you have registered a species that you have kept and bred, it will also show the species for which you have selected to receive site updates.


This is where you edit your user information, which includes your username, password, country, preferred language, e-mail (it requires subsequent verification), and password. You can also select if you want to receive trading e-mails and e-mails from the editor, like this one.

You also can activate a public page, something I will cover in a future editor tip. You can also include your social media information, which will place links on your public user pages.

At the bottom of all this there is a box that allows you to include a picture of yourself. If so the picture will appear in your user profile and other public pages, including your public page (if available), author page, match the ID results page, and others.


Finally, if you are an ACA member you will see at the very bottom fields that allow you to edit your membership information, and select if you want to receive ACA communications, or if you want to keep your contact information private in the ACA roster.

Some users with certain privileges will see other tabs in the page menu, some of these are royalties for authors, profiles for curators, sponsorship and credits for sponsors, and others.

I hope this brief information can serve you to make better use of the site.


Artigas Azas, Juan Miguel. (Feb 20, 2021). "User settings and private page". Cichlid Room Companion. Retrieved on Dec 08, 2023, from: https://cichlidae.com/site_doc.php?id=315.