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Last updated on 23-Mar-2021

" A little used, but I believe useful feature of the Cichlid Room Companion is that of selecting favorites. Favorites are user’s selected material that is easily accessible, and in some cases be featured "



Basically, having favorites easily allows you to access any particular material you want after just two or three clicks, rather than having to dig into the menus to select one of the hundreds of thousands of items on the site. On your favorites page, click on the favorite item and you will the linked to the item's page. A favorite is a sort of bookmark. You can access your favorite material by clicking on the “favorites” option in the menu tab or left-hand menu on your user page, or from the hanging menu under your name in the main menu bar — on top of each page on the site. Note however that the favorites options are visible only after you have selected at least one favorite item.

Currently, you can select as favorites the following items: genera, species, fish pictures, fish videos, localities, localities pictures, localities videos, articles, documents, and references. You do this by clicking on the icon of a star that is present on the upper part of the page for any of those items (e.g. on the upper area of the profile for a species or genus page). One-click on the star makes it yellow, indicating that you have selected the item as a favorite; a second click turns it back white, removing it from your favorites.


In the favorites section of your user profile, favorites are organized by type of item, so they can be easily found. Additionally, if you have configured a public page in the Cichlid Room Companion (something I will talk about in a future installment), you will see your favorite genera and species under your introduction text.

Favorites of some items (like genera and species) are counted, and those items which are favorites of more people are featured in a specific trivia page linked from the left-hand menu in the cichlids' catalog.



Two more favorites like items I refer to in the site as “Trivia”. With trivia you register species that you have kept or bred in the past, the registrations are intended for you to keep a private or public record and if desired to be listed in the species profile of the species. For registering a species as “kept” or “bred” you have to select the option from a drop-down-list found at the lower part of every species profile, you can then check a box to the right if you desire to make the information private (so your name does not appear in the species profile or anywhere else) and click on the “apply” button.


For these two types of registrations there is a special “Trivia” tab option on your user profile page, at the bottom of the resulting page (once you click on “Trivia”) there is a drop-down-list that allows you to either remove or change the status (private versus public) of any of your previous registrations.

Just as with favorites, kept and bred species are counted and those species with more registrations are listed in the trivia page, as well as in your public profile, but just if you have at least one registered and the record was not marked as private.

I hope that you consider using these tips and you chose to select your favorite material, so you can get a better experience using the Cichlid Room Companion.


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