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Last updated on 24-May-2021

" In the Cichlid Room Companion you can have your own profile public page, in this brief article you can find out how "

In past deliveries of this series of tips I made mention of optional user personal pages, I will now explain what are those and how to activate them.

User personal pages are available to all Cichlid Room Companion members, they are public, meaning everybody can see them, and should include some text about the person, may include a pull quote and links to Social Media accounts, and will include the favorite cichlid genera and species of the user. For an example, you can take a look at my own personal page.


To activate your personal page, all you have to do is visit the “settings” area of your user page, which you can access either by hovering the mouse pointer over your name in the top menu bar and clicking on “settings”, or by clicking on the “edit” tab in your user page.

Once you are on the settings page, you will see an option in the left column that reads “activate public profile”, if you checkmark it and click on the “edit” virtual button you will see two additional text boxes: “Motto” and “About me”, the text that you fill in those boxes is the text that will appear in your public user page. Your user photo is the photo that will appear as a profile picture of you.

You can then access your public user page in the drop-down menu in the top menu bar under your name, which will now contain the option “Public user page” as an option. Once you link to it, you can copy the URL to give or post anywhere, everybody will be able to see it then.

You can now show your relation to cichlids in a clear and organized way to anybody you wish.


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