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Our catalog: Species profiles

Last updated on 15-Jul-2021

Classification: Publications.

" The Cichlid Room Companion offers extensive species profiles for every cichlid species, those profiles are completed and kept up to date by world class specialist in the species covered, and contain a wealth of concise information together with an assortment of information about the species "

The Cichlid Room Companion species profiles are taken care of by curators, world-class specialists in each species who write and update the information included, which is organized in profile, pictures, illustrations, distribution maps, locality pictures, syntopic species (those that inhabit together with the species at hand), an ample bibliography, museum collections and what we call “trivia”, which shows persons who have kept and bred the particular species. Those different profile sections can be accessed by clicking on the tabs under the profile picture of every species.


The profiles themselves are organized in taxonomy, distribution and conservation, biology, aquarium keeping, and comments on the particular species that they cover. The information in our profiles is extended although concise, and it is constantly being revised and updated, with many new profiles being published every year, as of now more than one thousand cichlid species have published profiles. Many more are being published every year. But even for those rare species without a published profile, we still offer a good deal of information. We expect that soon we will offer a complete profile for every cichlid species.

Before being published, the information in the profiles goes through a strict review once it has been submitted by the author, so we can assure the quality and completeness of the information. Mandatory references are always included in the profiles.

If you haven’t visited any profile before, I invite you to review one of the more recently published, on Thorichthys maculipinnis.

For a complete guide of the information in the profiles you can review the document on our cichlid catalog.

In future installments I will tell you many things that you can obtain from cichlid profiles about your favorite species, so you can get a better experience using the Cichlid Room Companion.


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