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Introduction to the Cichlid Room Companion (nov-2023)

Last updated on 24-Nov-2023

" The Cichlid Room Companion is the prime information source about fishes of the Cichlidae fish family "

Since 6 May 1996, the Cichlid Room Companion has uninterruptedly provided quality information about cichlid fishes to interested persons around the globe. The main aim of the site has been to offer the best information about all aspects of every one of the diverse members of the wonderful family Cichlidae, as of today composed of over 1,750 generally recognized species grouped in over 250 genera. Additionally, the CRC offers information on over 600 potentially undescribed species and over 500 synonyms. During these years, updates have been offered daily.

The information we offer is vast and relates to taxonomy, distribution and ecology, natural history, aquarium keeping, conservation for every cichlid species, and pertinent information for every genus. Detailing the information we have been able to gather over the years escapes the scope of this text, sufficient is to say that we cover everything cichlid-related, with thousands of high-quality profiles, distribution maps, pictures, videos, illustrations, references, habitats, articles, and other documents.

In the CRC, we are especially proud of our cichlid catalog, a wealth of information about every cichlid species. A special section on taxonomy shows details of cichlid classification, and a section on localities tells us about the geography of cichlids. Our catalog is curated by some of the top cichlid specialists in the world. This site is as much due to them as to you, our visitor.

Among our services, we have a forum to discuss cichlid matters; well-known cichlid expert Pam Chin offers to reply to all questions cichlid-related in our Ask Pam section. We list full indexes of several cichlid-devoted magazines, like the American Cichlid Association Buntbarsche Bulletin (USA), Revue Française des Cichlidophiles, Cichlid News Magazine (USA), L'an Cichlidé (France), the Cichlids Yearbooks (International), Cichlidae (Nederlandse Vereniging van Cichlidenliefhebbers) (Netherlands), and many others. We additionally offer hundreds of articles about every aspect of cichlids.

The information that we include in the Cichlid Room Companion is carefully curated by some of the top cichlid specialists in the world; the data we publish is reviewed by at least two specialists, and references are provided for each piece of information.

Since 2014 the Cichlid Room Companion has been the official information source for the American Cichlid Association.

We offer additionally a trade section that allows members to offer or request cichlid species in their countries, or beyond.

The Cichlid Room Companion receives no funding from any agency and is fully supported by its creator, with the (mostly insufficient) help of funds received from subscribers and sponsors of the site. I hope this site will help you learn and love the fascinating group of freshwater fishes that make up the family Cichlidae.

Juan Miguel Artigas Azas, nov-2023


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