Mâle à Gome Rock
Copadichromis geertsi à Gome Rock, lac Malawi [Malawi].Photo de Ad Konings. identifié par Ad Konings








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Copadichromis geertsi Konings, 1999

Décrit initialement sous Copadichromis geertsi:


  • Konings, Ad. 1999. "Description of Three New Copadichromis Species (Labroidei; Cichlidae) from Lake Malawi, Africa". Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. v. 47 (9) May; pp. 62-85 (crc00963)

Conservation: Copadichromis geertsi est évalué par l'Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature dans la Liste Rouge des espèces menacées comme étant (VU) Vulnerable (2006). Copadichromis geertsi and utaka in general are the hardest hit group of species that has been over-fished in Lake Malawi and populations of most species have dwindled in size by more than 95% over last few decades. Because of the fact that they feed in the water column away from rocks, fishermen can scoop large numbers effectively with their so-called Chirimila nets. Copadichromis geertsi still occurs in reasonable numbers as they normally stay at rather deep levels and close to rocky habitat where nets get snagged easily. The most important threat to the existence of this cichlid is collection by the ornamental fish trade. This species is one of the most beautiful utaka, but fortunately very difficult to collect when mature because of the depths at which both male and female occur.

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