This is the specimen designated by Wijkmark & al. 2012 as the common lectotype of Chromis rivulata and Acara aequinoctialis. The latter is thus an objective junior synonym of Andinoacara rivulatus.Photo by Rainer Stawikowski. determiner Rainer Stawikowski


Acara aequinoctialis Regan, 1905

Considered a synonym of Andinoacara rivulatus (G√ľnther, 1860)

  • Kullander, Sven. 2003. "Family Cichlidae (Cichlids)". Check list of the freshwater fishes of South and Central America. pp. 605-654 (crc01092)

Original description as Acara aequinoctialis:


  • Regan, Charles Tate. 1905. "A revision of the fishes of the South-American cichlid genera Acara, Nannacara, Acaropsis, and Astronotus". Annals and Magazine of Natural History. (Ser. 7) v. 15: pp. 329-347 (crc00016)
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